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Email marketing is considered one of the most essential tools for small businesses that want to achieve marketing goals. Utilizing email marketing for your business helps you foster excellent customer relationship.

Email marketing is still the most effective messaging channel for marketing. According to a report from HubSpot, 93% of B2B marketers are utilizing this tool to distribute their content. The use of this tool is not just about your company and your brand — it is also about your customers.

In fact, small businesses that rely on their website consider email marketing an ideal communication method because it can be used to highlight promotions, special offers, and product launch prompting the recipients to head to the website.

Some people may think that email marketing is out of date and some are asking “Is email marketing dead?” The truth is, this marketing communication tool has evolved and has become one of the most excellent marketing tools and 83% of B2B companies send newsletters as a part of their marketing content project.

Let’s discuss the importance of email marketing for your business

Today, 73% of millennials prefer email for business communications. Therefore, the use of email marketing allows you to reach a huge number of internet users.

1. You can send targeted and personalized content

Email marketing can let you segment your audience into different groups based on their preferences to send personalized content. This would allow you to come up with a perfect subject line and visual graphics that resonate with them, making this marketing tool an excellent channel to increase engagement.

To make your content engaging, craft your message for different types of audience — keep away from the impulse of pushing for a hard sell content that can turn away potential customers. You need to build a strong foundation of trust between your brand and your recipients which can grow over time.

2. It helps you build your business’s credibility

Have you received an email from an unknown source with a subject line that can pass as a Spam? If so, keep in mind that customers feel off about this kind of emails. There are email users who feel that emojis make them happy, while others hit unsubscribe for subject lines that are non-relatable.

You should tailor your content according to your recipient’s preferences to prevent your emails from landing into the spam folder. Creating a permission-based email list ensures that your recipients know what kind of emails they have signed up for and they would know how often they’ll be getting them from you.

3. It gives your business an opportunity to increase brand recognition

Email marketing is an excellent marketing tool to increase your brand recognition because it gives you a direct communication line to the inboxes of your audience and potential customers. Sending your recipients a regular update gives you a huge opportunity to create a unique image, voice, and style for your subscribers.

It would be brilliant if you could create a brand guide and incorporate it with every email you send, this would give you an opportunity to connect with your subscribers and further build your unique brand in their minds.

4. Build stronger customer relationships

A good email is always appreciated — a recipient knows that a huge amount of effort and time has been dedicated to crafting it. Once your brand has been recognized, recipients would love to know what new and what’s happening with your business, and how they can get involved with it.

However, it is pretty much impossible to reach all of your customers in person, through phone, or social media. This is where email marketing helps in bridging that gap, you can even use a drip marketing campaign to help with the process and make it run smoothly.

Drip campaigns are used to provide your recipient with constant content value and keeping your brand on top of their minds.

5. Help increase traffic to your website

Email marketing is one of the best ways to have your customers visit your website by including relevant links to your site in the email content you sent. Using email campaigns to have your customers engaged to other excellent and useful content on your website is one effective way of increasing traffic to your site.

Including social media sharing icons in your emails also encourages your customers to promote your content across their social media handles.


Achieving your email marketing goals is not that of a challenge if you know its importance to your business and how to make use of them. Having established a good and trusting relationship with your customers would make them want to hear from you and relate to you. So always make sure that you’re a genuine source of information they need and want.

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