tackling different visual media for business

Interesting visuals play a huge part in a business’s digital marketing efforts — these can be in the form of images, videos, and other media. There are social media platforms that are specifically designed for visual media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Businesses have been using visual media to express their opinions and deliver their messages to their audiences and customers more effectively and efficiently. Humans, by nature, have the tendency to pay more attention to visual media and graphics.

Nowadays, the digital industry is too cluttered — business owners and marketers are left with a few options like utilizing visual media to stand out from the crowd. Now let’s briefly discuss the different types of visual media for effective digital marketing.

What are the different types of visual media?

1. Image

This is one of the most common types of visual media used by business owners and marketers to attract more views and increase engagement. Keep in mind that it is important to keep your images compelling and use them effectively. The key to using images for your business’s different online platforms is optimization — that your image quality and size are optimized for Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and your website.

2. Videos

Video is considered as one of the most effective visual media to increase engagement. People using the internet prefer to watch videos because they want to see what a product or service can do for them — they prefer to see a demonstration of a product before making a purchasing decision. Did you know that 78% of internet users watch videos on a weekly basis and 55% watch videos daily? This is according to a report from HubSpot. Video platform giant like YouTube has paved the way for videos to become successful.

3. Infographics

Infographics provide valid data that is presented in a beautiful and graphical format. Almost everyone loves content that is presented in a manner that is easy to understand because they are presented visually — not to mention straight to the point. Infographics are visually attractive to a human’s eye and are created to make it easier for them to understand and digest researched information.

Moving forward, let’s now discuss some tips for using visual media for your business

1. Find free high-quality images for your blog

As mentioned above, images help add some much needed visual interest in your content or posts. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” – Fred R. Barnard, Printers’ Ink — yes, this is true and is an essential part of your digital marketing efforts. There are different websites that offer free images. However, make sure that you are using relevant ones to make it more effective.

2. Build an Instagram account for your business

According to a report from Oberlo, there are around 1 billion Instagram users globally this year — this is the best time to utilize this social media platform to your advantage and make your business stand out. The use of relevant images, valuable captions, and related hashtags are key to making a successful Instagram page.

3. Brand your Pinterest page

There are numerous brands using Pinterest to share their visuals, this goes especially for e-Commerce brands and they utilize this platform in different ways. It is important to make it your own, make sure that your Pinterest page reflects your brand and its vision. 

4. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly

Most internet users prefer to use their mobile to access the web. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly — websites run differently in various devices and most of the time, it looks different when accessed through a desktop browser and mobile browser.

5. Optimize images to improve your website’s loading speed

Images in the wrong format that are uploaded on your site can harm your site’s user-friendliness and can slow down your website loading speed. There are different ways to ensure that that your images are optimized and one is to check for the image size.


To be able to stand out in today’s digital marketing industry, it is important to cut through the clutter and integrate the different types of visual media for your business. Visual media is one of the most important elements in your content marketing. 

For more information about the different visual media for your business, you can download our Graphic Design ebook.

If you have more questions or are looking for a professional to help you understand the different visual media for your business, talk to one of your graphic design specialists now!

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