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Content marketing is considered as a staple in every successful digital marketing campaign strategy. Business owners and marketers have published content in the form of blogs, ebooks, white papers, and other useful content to attract new leads and engage with their customers, gaining significant returns on investment (ROI).

With today’s digital marketing innovations, there is a new trick to use in the content marketing field that’s proven to generate even more leads and increase conversions, this is called content remarketing.

What is content remarketing?

Content marketing is the process of tagging and targeting your website visitors with banner ads after they’re done browsing your site — in an effort to attract them back to take the next steps, giving you an opportunity to regain their interest.

In content remarketing, you have to track users who have visited your website but didn’t go through the next step to create a lead. It is also referred to as a behavioral remarketing because it is considered as online advertising that is focused on targeting consumers based on their previous actions online.

Content remarking is an opportunity for business owners to have a second chance to make an impression with their website visitors and become a brand that they value and like.

What are the benefits of content remarketing for business?

Marketing budget ROI

Content remarketing increases the lifespan of your marketing budget spent to drive traffic to your website as it extends the conversion funnel to visitors who are qualified to make a purchase.

Increases your brand awareness

It gives you more opportunity to put your brand out there leading more people to talk about it. Content remarketing allows you to redisplay your advertisements to new prospects which improves brand awareness, increasing the chances of people sharing your content.

Customizes targeting capabilities

It gives your brand an opportunity to tailor your advertisement to meet what your website visitor needs that is already inclined in making a purchase from you — this increases the chances of returning visitors to finish what they’ve started.

What are the 5 different types of content remarketing?

1. Advertisement displays

This type of content remarketing is for people who have visited your website previously and can appear in two types of platforms — through Google Ads, which can appear throughout the Google display network, and through social media platforms.

2. Email remarketing

This allows you target people that are in your email list with ad campaigns that are tailored for those who open your emails — since these people who opened your emails are considered interested in what you have to offer, email remarketing then helps your brand become more recognizable and lets them think about it.

3. Search retargeting

This provides a unique form of retargeting letting you find customers who have searched for terms and checked products or services that are similar to what you are offering but haven’t visited your website yet. This allows you to broaden your reach and would help you specifically target those interested in your competition.

4. Remarketing list search ads

You can display ads on other websites and on the search engines themselves using the remarketing ads. You’ll then be able to target people who have visited your website and are searching for specific terms online. This lets you find potential customers who would most likely become interested in getting to know our products or services, and your business itself.

5. Video remarketing

You can also display ads to people using YouTube through Google — people who have visited your channel or viewed your videos can also be retargeted using the ads while they browse on the Google display network.

How to boost your conversions with content remarketing?

Content remarketing allows your brand to increase its reach, further its impact, and turn your prospects into loyal customers. This helps your brand rekindle your audience or customers’ interest through your products or services and lets you gear up your journey towards a more profitable business.


Content remarketing is an excellent opportunity for you to attract customers who have expressed their interest in your products or services. You’ll be able to target people better instead of figuring out who your most likely buyers would be based on their demographics. This enables you to maximize the value of all the content you work on.

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