Still don’t have a website? It’s 2021!

Nowadays almost everything has a website, i.e. from grocery stores to campaigns, and even celebrity dogs. But for some baffling reason, there is still a large percentage of businesses that are not available online. If you would ask these businesses that are behind the times, the owner would say that they simply do not see the need for a website. They either do not have the skills, time, or budget to prioritize building one. Some would acknowledge that online presence is needed for their business but would resort to social media platforms instead.

It is 2021 and if you are one of those businesses that do not have a website then read on. We have put a list of specific reasons why every business, even small ones, should have its own website. 

Customers expect businesses to have a website

Customers nowadays rely heavily on the information found on the internet either for shopping for goods or services. Research is now one of the steps every customer makes before making a purchase or availing of a service. Your visibility on the internet will let customers know you are still open and available to visit or order from. Also, if anything about your business is not available on the internet then chances are customers will snob you or be hesitant to even try your products out.


Word of mouth is a great marketing tool for any business, but it is not reliable enough. What if a customer by chance had a bad experience with your services or somebody just made rumors about your business. It is not enough that you rely on word of mouth or reviews floating around without your official say. Having a website will give your business the chance to speak for itself. Brand your website the way you want your business to be seen. Your logo, branding, and website will help give an official statement for your customers to see.

Building trust and loyalty

Since customers expect your business to be visible online you will surely be judged by it. If you have an uncertain website design, or you do not even have one, customers will likely not trust your business and you will fail to create great customer relations. Having a website removes any uncertainty about your products and services and later on, you can develop a loyal following of customers.

Sell more

Having a website enables you to sell even more. You will be able to unlock and reach a demographic that you haven’t been able to reach before. Now more than ever that online stores have reached their peak due to home confinements and quarantine regulations. Your business should still be available online even if your physical store is out of reach.

Conclusion: All businesses need a website

If you think that you do not need one we hope the list above changes your mind because a website will truly help your business thrive in 2021. Even if you have a social media platform, a website could do much more in gaining more sales, creating strong bonds with your customers, and reaching new leads.

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