Rehaul your brand in 2021

Anything visual with the elements of your brand is what we call Brand Identity. It is the face of your brand or business that speaks so much about the quality of products or services you offer. It is very important because it is what customers see and remember about your brand that will lead them to purchase and come back again.

Successful businesses and brands have a strong brand identity and it is one of the most important elements to invest in when starting a business. Your brand identity is the key to your business success. Think of the famous brands like Starbucks or McDonalds. These brands have one thing in common and that is strong brand identity. Once you see a big yellow ‘M’ you will instantly recognize the food chain and associate it with the food that they offer. Same with the famous siren of Starbucks and their signature green color. Just one look at their green straw and you will instantly recognize the drink and be reminded of the feeling when you have a Starbucks drink on hand.

Regardless of your business is starting small it is foolish to under-invest in branding. Some starting entrepreneurs think that branding is unimportant and they just have to think of a business name and logo.

If you start your business with an unclear brand identity, chances are you will make wrong key style choices and may confuse your customers in the long run. You will also not be able to establish a loyal following since your brand identity is unsure therefore being deemed as untrustworthy.

A strong brand identity communicates to customers clearly what your company does and how it provides goods and services. Your brand will also establish trust and credibility with your customers.

If your business is running for some time now and you have not gotten a good look at your brand identity then now is the time to start rebranding.

Why is rebranding very important?
Businesses and brands evolve to stay competitive in the market and so should your branding. Not only do small businesses with unsure brand identity opt to rebrand, but even big established companies also rebrand after years in the business. This is because their companies have expanded and evolved and they also want to keep up with modern times. Some brands like Dunkin Donuts and Subway are famous food establishments that rebranded not too long ago.

When should a company consider rebranding?
Rebranding can be complicated when choosing which aspects of your brand to change and update. You need to assess carefully whether you need to rebrand right now and what aspects to improve and what you need to keep. Here are the reasons why you should rebrand in 2021.

Rebranding to differentiate your business from competitors
2021 is a challenging year for businesses as it has seen the downfall and rising of most businesses. Generic branding will be the downfall of any business in 2021 because there are plenty of nearly identical businesses and brands that will not help you stand out from the rest. You will find it almost impossible to build a loyal following and customers when your business looks just like any other out in the market.

Rebranding to give new life to outdated branding
If your business has been running for a long time then chances are your branding is outdated. To keep up with modern times and survive in a very competitive market, old brands need to rebrand to stand out and keep their good reputation. Even if you already have loyal customers, older is not always better.

Rebranding when your business has outgrown your original mission
Expansion is a good sign that your business is thriving but along with that comes rebranding. If you started off selling cakes and pastries at home and you wanted to include drinks and other items then maybe it is time to turn your brand into a cafe. Updating your brand along with your expansion will help your customers know that you are offering more products and services.

Rebranding to outgrow poor reputation

Identity crisis and a bad reputation is a major reason to rebrand. If you want to save your company from its bad reputation from mistakes and problems that arose in the business then it is time to rebrand. You need to break ties with your old business reputation and get rid of the wrong perception of customers with your brand. By doing a successful rebranding you will give your brand a fresh start.

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