the power of infographics for business

The use of infographics is one of the most effective ways to show important and useful information and statistics, also one of the reasons why businesses use them. According to a report from Neil Patel, a study made by Hyerle in 2000, 90% of information that a human brain process is visual — making infographics the perfect way to attract and engage customers.

Infographics have the ability to deliver business data in a manner that is easier for the audience to understand and with the proper use of color, size, and negative space, information can be presented for them to appreciate.

What are infographics?

Infographics are a curation of content, data, and icons placed together in your brand’s style and color — a visual design that has the ability to reach out and communicate to your audience. It is a creative way of showing information and can be perfectly showcased on your website, social media accounts, and digital or printed brochures.

What makes infographics powerful for your business?

1. Keeping your audience engaged longer

Looking at those never-ending lines of texts may seem uninviting and dull because after all, humans are visual creatures by nature! Using infographics to highlight your business’s important and relevant data and statistics will keep your audience engaged longer.

You have to keep in mind though, that your infographics should be designed following your brand’s image. A well-designed infographic can visually present key information that would be easily understood by your audience and what you’re trying to say will stay with them.

So whether it’s a marketing content or a brochure, your infographic should be original and creative. Using an icon that’s specifically for your business can make you stand out from the rest and this will make your branding unique.

2. Infographics can help you make the most out of your marketing efforts

Social media platforms can be so loud and saturated — offering a simpler visual can help your audience easily digest information. Sometimes, simpler is better because people would take a double glance and think that the information you’re offering them is worth their time.

Impress your audience with excellent report statistics that is engaging as its aesthetics. Infographics go beyond showing people about your business, they are also essential for adding value to your brand. Using visuals can make your content go viral that’s why it is crucial to include your brand logo, website address, and contact details.

3. Infographics can make your audience feel valued

Your audience would feel valued if you’ve made the effort to present them valuable visual materials that are easy to understand, this would make them stay on your social media pages and your website. There are various ways to create infographic styles like visual icons, data tables, stylish graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and creative typography. Each style would bring your brand credibility which gives your audience awareness that builds their trust to your business and what you offer.

Use your infographics across your social media platforms and website because consistency is the key when you’re trying to connect to your audience. Ensure that your infographics are portraying the message you are trying to give them.

4. Make your infographics device friendly

It is best practice to ensure that all your infographics are created with the correct size for viewing quality in all devices. This goes for both your social media platforms and website. Then, you also need to balance your content with your infographic, always consider that key information has to be the focus but sub information should be easily read.

Infographic is your chance to condense numerous data for your audience to easily understand it, allowing them to navigate through the information without getting confused.

5. Infographics boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Utilizing your infographic to deliver information about relevant and in-demand topics can help you boost your SEO. Your audience and other people will find value in your content and eventually link into it. This is where link-building comes in, giving your website more chances of getting noticed and increasing your traffic.

That being said, your rank will surely rank up in search engines and your SEO will improve. The more relevant content you publish, the more attention you’ll get, and the more link juice your website are going to build.


The proper utilization of infographics is powerful enough to boost your business’s branding — presenting themselves well to their audience is considered one of the best ways to achieve your marketing goals.

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