how to hire a graphic designer

Not all business owners are design industry savvy and hiring a graphic designer may leave them feeling a little intimidated. In addition, the term graphic design is a broad term and sometimes, it isn’t always clear what they actually do daily or what are the scopes of their tasks.

Often, you will hear from some applicants who have graphic design skills that they promise to deliver excellent quality results, so it is best to not get hung up on what you don’t know. One of the best things to look for in an applicant is having the potential of working harmoniously with you because it helps a lot in finding creative and effective solutions to design problem, and second is commitment — this is equally important to ensure the project’s success.

To help you hire the best graphic designer for the project, here are five tips to serve as your guide

1. Be clear and specific with your goals and expectations

It is essential to provide your graphic designer with enough background information to reach the project’s goals and set them up for success. You have to make sure that you are clear and detailed when it comes to giving the details about your business and the project’s objectives.

Being clear about the specific qualifications you are looking for is also a must. While setting deadlines and sharing potential obstacles upfront would ensure that your applicants have a good understanding of the project and determine whether they are the right fit for the job and they can meet your expectations before submitting a proposal to you.

2. Know the type of graphic design skills to look for

You should keep in mind that graphic designers should be well-skilled in Adobe Creative Suite — Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator — because these programs are considered the gold standard of designing a website. However, you must also keep their soft skills in mind.

Soft skills are important in building a strong and trusting relationship, it is essential to have communication and teamwork skills. Another is being able to review the applicant’s portfolio, previous projects should have examples that are similar to the project you have for the graphic designer.

3. Look for a graphic designer with creativity

A graphic designer must have a knack for creativity and should know the latest design trends. The applicant should be able to make the best out of his/her creativity and come up with an end result that is not only excellent to the audiences’ eyes but also something that can make a connection.

You can also try asking the applicant about their inspiration on a particular project because this will help you get a better understanding of how the graphic designer works creatively.

4. You should be able to share and explain your brand and target audience

Yes, no one knows your company like you. However, it is always a smart thing to be able to share and explain your brand and target audience to your potential graphic designer. It is essential that the designer knows what makes your brand different from others and this will help them come up with designs that resonate with your brand’s image and voice.

Knowing your brand will help your graphic designer come up with end results that would increase the chances of targeting the right audience you’re trying to connect.

5. Discuss the potential graphic designer’s motivations

It is always a good thing to know your potential graphic designer’s motivations during your interview. This would give you an idea of the various brands, arts, websites, and books that they draw inspiration and motivation from. Knowing this information gives you an inside look at how they come up with designs and style.

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