what is graphic design?

Graphic design simply explained is the use of visual compositions to come up with solutions to problems and deliver ideas through color, imagery, form, and typography. It plays an essential part in marketing strategies utilized by different companies.

Can you imagine a world without images or colors to help you visualize the products you need and want in the market? This is the main reason why a good company utilizes different elements to capture the attention of their audience.

Graphic design is a combination of text and visual images to communicate and connect with an audience through the representation of information that makes a brand unique in its market. Materials such as logo, packaging, website, and brochures are used to create a familiarity with the brand.

To further define graphic design here are five types to give you more information

1. Visual identity graphic design

Visual identity graphic design is like brand identity which is a relationship between a business and its audience. The visual elements of a brand identity represent a brand’s face to communicate and connect intangible factors through the use of color, images, and shapes.

Graphic designers who specialize in visual identity often work together with business owners to create elements such as logos, color palettes, images, and typography to represent a brand’s personality. Excellent designers know hot o develop a set of visual brand guidelines that follow best practices.

These guidelines are essential to ensure that brand consistency is applied throughout the project. Visual identity graphic designers should have the general knowledge of all types of design to create elements that would suit all visual media required for a project.

2. UI (user interface) graphic design

UI is how a user interacts with a website, device, or application. UI graphic design, on the other hand, is the process of designing the interface to make it easier for users to use and provide them with a friendly experience.

UI graphic design is focused on creating an excellent user experience in terms of visual elements like menus, buttons, and more. It is the designer’s job to ensure that they deliver aesthetically appealing and functional elements.

Here are some examples of UI graphic design:

  • Web page design
  • Website theme design
  • App design

3. Marketing and advertising graphic design

Businesses depend on effective and successful marketing methods to be able to tap into their audience’s decision-making process when it comes to purchasing. An excellent marketing strategy engages people based on awareness, needs, satisfaction, and wants about the products or services a business offers.

People, by nature always find visual content more appealing and engaging and this is how graphic design helps businesses promote, communicate, and connect more effectively. Marketing graphic designers collaborate with business owners to create a specific type of collateral for digital, print, and beyond.

Here are some examples of marketing graphic design:

  • Flyers
  • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • Posters, billboards, and banners
  • Digital and printed brochures
  • Email marketing templates
  • Social media ads and graphics

4. Packaging graphic design

Products always require packaging to protect and prepare them for storage, logistics, and sales. However, keep in mind that a product’s packaging is more than just that, it is also used to communicate directly to consumers and customers, making it an extremely essential marketing tool.

Every box, wrapper, bag, container, or canister is a chance for a brand to share its story. This is what packaging graphic designers should be excellent at — coming up with concepts, mock-ups, and creating printed files for a product are must-have skills and knowledge they should have.

5. Publication graphic design

Publication is a long-form piece that connects and communicates with the audience through distribution — these are books, magazines, newspapers, and catalogs. In addition, digital innovation in publishing paved the way for graphic designers, editors, and publishers to collaborate and create layouts with excellent artwork and typography.


Graphic design is a vast and ever-growing industry and the demand for skilled, creative, and knowledgeable designers is on the rise. Having an overview of these types of graphic design will serve as your guide in identifying which specialist you need. Excellent and professional graphic designers are focused on delivering quality projects for your business’s needs, helping you build your brand identity to increase your popularity and stand out in your industry.

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