why graphic design is important

Graphic design is not just about aesthetics, it improves how a business communicates with its customers. It is a conveyor of valuable information and ideas in a way that is effective and beautiful. An excellent graphic design can make or break a business because is used in every stage of a digital marketing campaign to handout information, excite audiences, and eventually persuade them to purchase products or services.

The graphic design industry has seen strong growth during the last five years and it now has a total revenue of $15 billion. Favorable economic condition is one of the factors that helped the industry reached success according to a report from IBISWorld.

How important is graphic design for your business?

Graphic design plays a significant role in this competitive digital industry through the creation of impressive marketing materials such as websites, logo, business cards, brochures, leaflets, and the list can go on.

One of the basic requirements for a business to create a brand identity is having an impressive and memorable logo that would stand out. In addition, businesses need unique mobile apps and social media pages for their promotion, and this is where graphic design comes in.

Let’s discuss the importance of graphic design for your business

1. Enhances sales

Thoughtfully planned and executed graphic design can help enhance and increase sales because people are by nature attracted to anything that is unique and with high quality. When people see a logo or website design that is unique, impressive, and attractive they get a message saying that the business offers and delivers high-quality products or services which bring them closer to the business over time that helps build a strong and lasting relationship.

2. Establishes your brand and business name

Graphic design also helps in establishing your brand and business name in its market industry. Seeing a logo that stands out, again and again, reminds audiences of the brand behind the logo. This goes the same with advertisements, business cards, websites and brochures that they see on a daily basis helping a business to get recognized.

However, there are times when small businesses don’t have enough marketing budget on their plate and therefore, it’s more difficult for them to get brand recognition. Worry not, because there are readily available graphic design tools that are a must-have to help them stand out in the crowd.

3. Delivers brand message

A brand message is essential in targeting customers. A professional graphic designer’s first task is to determine what message the brand would like to deliver to their audience because this is a factor in creating a design. Colors and typeface are just two of the elements used in conveying emotions and this is where the message starts. For instance, the red color evokes the feelings of passion, while the color blue feels serene and calm.

4. Uses the power of persuasion

Graphic design helps persuade your audience and customers to think and consider your business. A well-designed brochure gives them a sense of strong connection to your brand which eventually leads to an increase in profit and building customer loyalty. Excellent graphic design always stands out in their minds and it can deliberately influence their choices.

5. Summarizes a brand’s idea with consistent images that resonate

Excellent graphic designs summarize ideas in a way that is attractive to one’s eye. A person, for example, would not be willing to read a textual content which is trying to convince them to purchase your products or services, but he or she would be willing to have a closer look at an image that serves the same purpose.

In addition, graphic design needs to have consistency, all elements representing your brand should be visually similar to build trust and make sure that your brand is easily recognized, whether through print or online.


In the world of digital marketing, first impression really do lasts. Graphic design is important for any business to help them tell their story and connect with people. Communication through graphic design is more than just words because it is also emotions all the same time.

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