why it’s essential to make social media a priority for your business in 2018

Why It’s Essential to Make Social Media a Priority for Your Business in 2018

Just about anyone nowadays with any access to current technology would have at least one or two social media accounts, which they use to connect and communicate with other people. With that many eyes on social media, it’s obvious that marketing your business there should be a priority. Here are some of the best reasons why you should market your business in social media right now.

1. Leveraging Social Advertising

Social media advertising is relatively new compared to most other digital marketing tools, but it’s also one of the fastest growing methods of advertising on earth. Major social media platforms are built upon them, like Facebook Ads.

Advertising in social media is cheaper, lets you target the audience you wish to reach, measures your progress in real time, and it’s the smart thing to do in this day and age. With social media being ubiquitous to daily life for a vast percentage of people nowadays, especially those who own smartphones, advertising your business on social media is certainly the way to go.

2. Creating Brand Awareness

Social media seems to be purpose-built for growing brand awareness, and you wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption. Businesses that dismiss its power as merely hype only leave opportunities for competitors to take advantage of it. Digital marketers who are worth their salt know how valuable social media is on creating an impact.

Mind you, it’s not a fountain of miracle, especially now that the social media landscape is saturated with those vying for people’s attention. You can’t just create a page, post some memes every now and then, and expect to just gain brand awareness on a whim. The audience you need to attract must be targeted, and the content you should post to draw them in should be relevant and unique.

3. Growing Inbound Traffic

Social media is one of the most important channels for inbound marketing, which is one of the best ways to generate target traffic to your website. The more people go there, the more chances you get to convert them from mere spectators into actual customers.

Posting new content regularly on your website can help you attract visitors, and sharing that content on Twitter and Facebook increases your reach by around ten times. Through social media, you potentially get a bigger audience by putting your content out there under your brand.

4. Improving Search Engine Optimization

Social media and search engine optimization can actually go hand-in-hand. Google has stated that “social signals” are a big part of what ranks a page, and they’re indeed not lying there. Search algorithms in Google now consider social media activity as a big part of determining how relevant and helpful a website is as a search result.

By sharing your content in social media with a good bit of reach and engagement, your website gets higher chances of being found via both web search and social media search. This then lets you reach more and more people, thus bringing in more visitors into your website and you get more chances of converting them into actual customers.

5. Providing Social Proof and Enhancing Brand Loyalty

Another way social media can give you more customers is through user-generated content like reviews and comments. By letting them provide feedback about your business through your social media page, you can look better as a business and use those testimonials to convince more people to become customers as well.

Of course, earning the ire of customers can yield the opposite result. The best way to avoid that is simply to do well as a business by making sure you satisfy your customers and give them the best they can get. The more you can satisfy customers, the more you get to deserve their loyalty.

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