Why you need an SEO campaign this 2021

2021 is the year of new beginnings for everyone, especially businesses and marketers. Every Digi-savvy entrepreneur knows that an SEO campaign is important for any business, may it be a small one or a big e-commerce company. But if you already have an existing SEO campaign, why is it still important to update it this 2021?

SEO is Still Relevant

In this day and age, everything is done in the online world which makes SEO an integral part of the business that you do online. To gain more traffic to your website and online shop a good SEO campaign will let your business be relevant to your demographic’s searches on the internet. 

This organic traffic will display your website in the hands of your intended customer more than any advertisement would do. This type of traffic has risen consistently over the years which makes SEO even more crucial. So if you have an existing SEO campaign or you do not have yet, this is the sign for you to either update or start on one.

SEO is Ever-Changing

Over the last 10 years, the SEO game has changed drastically from just doing simple keyword research and filling your website with the top search keywords to drive traffic towards your website. Unfortunately, this simple strategy will not make it to the year 2021. This is why even if you have an existing SEO campaign you should update it this year to see any changes in your website traffic. Otherwise, you will just be throwing pebbles to the wind without hitting anything.

Your SEO strategies should change along with the changing trends and algorithms of the most famous search engine, Google, to keep up and dominate the search results.

What is in and what is out with SEO this 2021?

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are the summary of a selected search result that may be featured from the organic search result just below the advertisement. It aims to answer the search question right away and it is the most effective way to get traffic on your website. The key is to provide in your website question-based search keywords and queries to dominate the featured snippet section.

Knowledge Panel

Claiming the knowledge panel for your brand or for the personality you represent will give your website trust and authority credentials meaning more people will pick your website more than the others because your website holds trustworthy information and it can significantly affect your visibility.

BERT Algorithm

It’s been a year since Google released the BERT algorithm which is their most recent search update. BERT aims to provide a better understanding of the online search intent of each user. This impacted searches up to 10% and it boasts of more relevant search results that are effective in providing effective answers to each search query.

The difference with the BERT algorithm is it can distinguish nuances in writing and content to provide a more relevant list of results. The search turnouts are now more personalized and specific so websites now have to up their game to present specific content rather than general content.

SEO Competition

Everybody is now working hard to optimize their websites because of these new changes with the algorithm as well as with the demand for optimized content online. That is why as an entrepreneur you should aim to compete with your SEO campaign.

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