anatomy of a strong brand

A strong brand establishes its customer’s desires, needs, and wants that affect how they connect with a business. Therefore, it is essential to make the purpose of your brand to make them feel valued — a brand that they can relate and connect with.

What is the anatomy of a strong brand?

Having a meaningful, successful, and powerful brand purpose is the key to building an authentic and strong relationship with your customers — this is the anatomy of a strong brand. To be able to come up and work on the right elements, you should improve your brand identity and performance.

Have a clear identity

Keep in mind that a brand who delivers its promise with quality makes is stand out from its competition. However, you must know that being easily recognizable should not just be your main goal — successful brands have created a powerful persona and were able to define an identity for themselves. In addition, being able to determine what sets you apart from the rest should be your main objective in creating a brand identity.

Let’s discuss three elements to further understand the anatomy of a strong brand

1. Your brand’s foundation

Every brand needs a solid foundation even before getting into all the fun and exciting visual components of it. It is true that visuals are essential, but laying a sturdy foundation ensures that you’ll come up with a brand that will stand the changes and challenges of today’s innovating marketing trends.

A strong foundation consists of three elements such as core values and beliefs, how your customers feel towards your brand and brand keywords.

a. Knowing your business’ core values and beliefs are essential to your brand’s foundation. These support the vision of your brand and helps create identity.

b. How your customers feel whenever they come across your brand is an important part of building a solid foundation. Determining how you want them to feel when they interact with your brand sets the stage for you to make it happen using visual components.

c. Using the right keywords to represent your brand is another element in building a strong foundation. You can use keywords that are related to your core values — come up with a list of words when building and creating the tone you want to use.

2. Distinguishing your brand

In today’s competitive market where products and services are being distinguished marginally your brand’s core values are the key to making you different and stand out. You may think that your brand is unique enough compared with your competitors, but without your brand’s core values there is nothing to help you illustrate that.

Paying attention to essential details such as your website content, social media posts, and your visual advertising keeps your brand cohesive. These can increase your brand recognition that would lead your customers to expect the type of tone or voice your brand represents.

3. Involve your employees

It is important to understand that your employees reflect your brand too. To be able to expand your business you should help your employees become your brand’s internal advocates, come up with training materials to make sure that you understand your brand’s core values, belief, and personality.

You can also encourage your employees to become involved in posting, sharing, and starting a conversation about your brand online which follows your company’s guidelines. Inspire your employees to help them feel more engaged and work efficiently for your brand’s success.

You should also understand that hiring the right people to become a part of your team is essential — having the right technical skills and experience to match what your company needs is the key to a successful project and achieving your goals.


The anatomy of a strong brand goes down to your business’s core values because it gives your company a unique brand voice and personality — establishing a differentiated position in the market to help you attract customers and build a relationship with them. Setting concrete brand goals and creating strategies to achieve them can help your brand grow and become successful.

You can always refer back to these three elements to help you determine whether you are creating the right brand experience you set out to build and whether your brand is still relevant to your customers.

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