measuring & maintaining brand awareness

Measuring and maintaining brand awareness is one of the trickiest marketing tasks to keep an eye on. In this age of the digitally connected world, businesses are driven by brand awareness and it is not enough to simply plan and execute effective marketing strategies for building brands — you should also be able to measure and maintain your brand’s performance using metrics.

However, you also need to keep in mind that measuring your efforts is not an easy task.

Why should you measure your brand awareness?

There are a couple of things you need to ask yourself: Does your brand identity represent your business’s vision? And do people think about your brand whenever they are faced with a decision to make a choice in the product category it belongs to?

These questions can be answered by measuring brand awareness and analyzing your prospects’ awareness is not just checking their familiarity with your brand, but it also includes making a thorough research about how people see your brand and how connected they are to it.

It is extremely essential to measure and analyze your brand awareness because it represents one of the main factors that make customers choose your product over your competition. Knowing where your brand awareness stands would give you an upper hand in making your customers rely on your brand more, leading to an improved brand reputation. In addition, this would also influence the level of your sales and your market share.

Let’s discuss some tactics in measuring your brand awareness:

1. Measuring your website traffic

Continuously keeping track of your website traffic would help you get valuable information in helping you analyze your brand awareness — the changes in the number of visits your website gets in a specific period of time is a good indicator of the changes in your brand awareness for the said period. The more visits you get, the more likely your brand awareness increases.

2. Keeping track of your customers’ reviews

According to a report by Marketing Land, there are 90% of people who based their purchasing decisions on online reviews. Of course, positive reviews would help increase your brand awareness, while the negative ones result in the opposite — if people read and hear bad things about your products or services, then they won’t take the time or the risk of choosing what you have to offer. Tracking online reviews about your business help you improve the things you’re lacking.

Now, let’s discuss maintaining your brand awareness.

The lack of brand identity consistency can have a huge negative impact on your business because this can cause distrust among your customers. Once you see that your customers are losing faith in your brand, you should consider taking these steps to help you get your brand back on track.

1. Make sure that everyone in your team understands the importance of brand identity

Coming up with a solid plan and execution is a challenge, especially if not all understand the importance of consistency in your brand identity. What you can do is gather everyone in your team and explain to them and give them insights to brand identity’s importance on achieving your business goals.

2. Always keep your brand message consistent

This goes for your social media content, website, blog, newsletter, and ad campaigns — it is essential to keep a consistent tone. Should you go for a humorous tone or a serious one? This, of course, would depend on what kind of products or services you are offering.

People immediately lose trust towards a brand that uses different tones in one platform to another. This is especially for brands that require a huge amount of trusts such as government organizations or financial services.

3. Place your brand’s logo everywhere

People would often think that a logo is a brand itself — however, it is just one factor for a business to maintain consistency and therefore, increase brand awareness. All of your marketing campaigns should include your logo. Additionally, your brand’s color scheme should be centered on your logo. This includes business cards, stationery, and even uniforms as needed.


In measuring your efforts always look at your metrics for significant takeaways that will help you increase brand awareness and reach your business goals.

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