building brand awareness: seo & online marketing

SEO and online marketing are considered the future of building brand awareness. These two are crucial for increasing a business’s exposure — raising brand awareness so that more people would get to know its brand, be familiar with what the business offer or does, and recommend it or think about it when the need arises.

Of course, SEO and online marketing won’t immediately give your business an instant return on your financial investment, but more often than not, your brand eventually benefits from brand awareness — turning potential customers into leads, referrals, or sales.

So how do SEO and online marketing help in building brand awareness?

1. Link Building

Basically, building brand awareness is increasing acknowledgment and recognition of your brand — and if we utilize SEO using strategic link building comes into the picture. The use of tactics like broken link building, participating actively on social media networks, and creating interesting and informative infographics help a lot in building strong links.

One of the main goals of link building is getting traction on your brand awareness and gaining a bigger audience for your business.

2. Use your social media accounts wisely

One of the mistakes businesses often make is using their social media accounts without a solid plan — they post away every link and anything that comes out of their heads even if it’s not relevant to their brand. For your social media efforts to take effect, you have to plan and execute wisely. You have to think about what you’re posting and where you’re posting it. For extremely professional and industry-related topics, use LinkedIn — for posts that would interest your customers, their family and friends, use Facebook and you can even utilize the platform’s paid advertisement — for posts that include amazing photos, use Instagram. Check out this great example of a well define brand that manufacturers CBD, Delta 8, Delta 10 and organic hemp clothing products.

3. Build your email list

An email list should be a part of your online marketing efforts in building brand awareness — you should create an email list for your website or blog for potential leads who visit your site. You should also create an email list for your previous customers, current customers, and any group related to your business that you can think of.

You can then use your email list to send out targeted emails every now and then — emails that include useful, interesting, informative, and relevant information needed by your audience. These emails would help remind your audience that you’re active and you are always ready to serve them.

4. Target niche audience

Modern online technology allows brands to interact more with their audiences and customers — instead of just communicating with them, you can also get them to help you build your brand. This works particularly when you target your niche audience, especially for small businesses that can use a keyword search to gain leverage over their competition and create a hyper-focused brand to standout.

By lessening down keywords to a niche there is a better chance of you connecting with new customers, communicate with your current customers, and successfully targeting your offers — this is how targeting a niche audience can help your business.

5. Keep everything optimized

It is essential that you keep everything optimized — every post, page, and link on your website and social media accounts. This is an opportunity for your brand to be seen and noticed by website users. This helps with your SEO too and it has the power to improve your search engine rankings. This is also the same reason why it is important to keep everything optimized, from top to bottom.

It is also wise to work with an SEO expert to ensure that your content, URLs, images, and titles are on the same page and are all optimized.


You can start with online marketing and SEO strategies that are designed to help build your brand awareness and get excellent results. As a brand, you don’t just want people to simply recognize your trademark or logo, but you also want them to connect with you and build a strong relationship. Whether your business is online or offline, using SEO and online marketing help you reach out to your targeted audience in their preferred way — whether it’s your website’s content, copy, and social media profiles.

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