what are the different types of brands?

For a business to increase its recognition and visibility in the market, branding is considered as one of the most important advertising and marketing tools to use.

Being able to establish your targeted audience is the foremost step to take in creating an effective and successful branding strategy. The right skills and efforts are needed to get to the bottom line of branding and it is essential to understand the different types of brands and their suitability to various products and services.

Different types of brands are placed into its specific group or segment and here are 5 some of them to help you come up with decisions that are necessary to land a marketable brand.

1. Personal brand

This is the branding for an individual person and is particularly used by personalities, celebrities, digital marketers, and politicians whose aim is to maintain a positive and good public image because it benefits their careers and for their endorsement purposes.

One of the most powerful tools to use for the personal brand is social media because there is a huge opportunity to reach out to wide audiences and at the same time having the ability to speak from a personal platform.

2. Corporate brand

Corporate brand is yet another reputation-focused type of brand and is about making a refine name or image for a business or corporation. Having an excellent corporate brand helps in associating the audience to your business’s name and would stand behind your products or services — giving testimonials that your business has an authentic, trusted, and verifiable performance or service.

Having an excellent corporate brand gives your business long-term effects because you can rely on name branding-recognition where your customers tend to automatically trust new products or services in the market as they are already associated with a brand they are familiar with.

3. Government brand

Government brand is also known as a public brand. It is focused on increasing awareness about specific government agencies and organizations, including their missions and roles. There are some who don’t understand this type of brand but it is essential to keep in mind that reputation, trustworthiness, and credibility are just some of the terms associated with government-related actions.

Therefore, a government brand’s importance to these organizations is clear. They need to clearly convey what their responsibilities are and the public in return needs to know how efficient and effective their performance is.

4. Geographical brand

A geographical brand is focused on the different and unique qualities of a specific area or region that serve as a selling point for a place, tourist spot, and why people need to make a visit. This type of brand is perfect for the tourism industry.

Oftentimes, you get to see different marketing and advertisements about a country claiming a type of food or tradition as their own and there are some countries creating hype about a unique history of their regions.

Numerous areas across the globe also seek to brand themselves to build awareness and the different qualities they can offer — may it be a city, state, streets, buildings, culture, traditions, and so much more. Organizations that represent these geographical brand projects work hard to increase awareness. This type of brand is frequently used to attract both economic and eCommerce investments, tourisms, new residency opportunities, and more.

5. Global brand

Global brands are being represented in almost all parts of the globe — their hard work has paid them recognition and earned them the “household name” label. This type of branding, as the name suggests, is located all over the world and is popular and renowned.

It is important to know and understand that a global brand who are able to land a global image for their business and organization in the minds and hearts of their customers. The main features these brands have are availability, familiarity, and stability — while consistency is always considered a part of the equation. However, in an attempt to make their products or services more attractive and palatable to various audiences, cultures, and regions consistency has started to fade away.


These different types of brands in the market may be overlapping each other in terms of concepts but all-important all the same depending on which your business requires. It is always important to think about the image or the face you want for the people to see and the best brand type to use to attain success.

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